One Workspace to Unify every Design Team.

Build, manage, track and approve design briefs, artwork and client assets without ever using another tool again.

Brieft Can Save a Small Studio on Average $130,000 P/A.
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"Congratulations - You have built Jira for Design Studios"

Rosemary byrne, SENIOR UX DESIGNER

Majority Rules. Briefing is Broken.

We asked ‘How is your current briefing process working for you?’
This is how it measured up


Of Design teams regulary discuss changing their briefing process


How effective design teams rate their current briefing process


Of Studios use email and silo communication tools to manage their clients


Design teams listed their #1 frustration as poor briefing from clients


A Workflow Tool for  
Teams and their Clients.

Build, manage, track and approve design briefs, artwork
and client assets without ever using email again.

Remove 85% of repetitive tasks

Never teach a client to brief again

Address blocks to progress in real time

Replace friction with love

Say Goodbye to Email

A powerful collaboration tool.

Have clients create studio ready briefs - without the hand holding.

Studio Ready Briefs in a Few Clicks

Now anyone can create briefs ready for creative teams to execute - without the jargon.

The Single Source
of Truth - In Real Time

Collaborate and add tasks with clients, team, management, contractors or other agencies.

Approve and Feedback

Get the team and clients to sign off on briefs and artwork in real time - with all stakeholders.

Seamless Asset Handover

Live asset management - anyone can upload and download assets they need.

Address Pipeline Blocks

Assign tasks, set due dates and send automatic reminders. Accountable and transparent.

Studio Productivity Data Room

Live data - number of briefs, approvals, artwork versions and who requested them.

brieft saves 4 hours per brief

Save $130,000 a year.

Calculate the total annual saving for your studio. With Brieft, each feature adds to an estimated 4 hours of resource costs saved or better spent.