in three simple steps

How Brieft Works

Brieft will align your team, increase efficiency and collate data to enhance and empower studios to better relationships, creative outcomes and team synergy.

Step one:

One Workspace for every Campaign - End to End

One workspace for every document, asset, artwork, task, update, approval and stakeholder in a campaign. Never lose anything - or anyone again.

"Congratulations - You have built Jira for Design Studios"

Rosemary byrne, SENIOR UX DESIGNER

New Automation to Ordinary Processes

True collaboration of approvals, artwork review, briefs, specs and their updates are accessible in real time. Get clients to approve costs, strategy, artwork and timelines in a single click.

Live Document Management

Multi-Stakeholder Approvals

Artwork Feedback Collaboration

Automatic Status Notifications

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Data to drastically improve studio efficiency and output

Bringing together a studio in a workspace is more than just creating unreal efficiency and automation. With every interaction tracked, agencies now have oversight of operations, campaigns and individuals in a way like never before.

Live Progress of every Campaign

Individual Performance Data

Track every Historical Interaction

Agency Oversight like never before

Calculate Studio Saving

Brieft's Features.

Compare legacy process and tools.

Brieft feature
legacy products
legacy process
brieft process
Client / Studio Brief
Word, Typeform, Email, Phone Call, Meetings, Coda, Briefcase
Client brief over email, updates offline, design specs seperate, resource heavy client team
Briefs + Specs created, stored
and updated in one workspace
Live Document Management
Confluence, Word, Excel, Email, Google Docs
Documents created offline, updates over email and Slack, links and invites shared to other apps.
Create any Document +
Updated in Real Time
Asset and File Handover
WeTransfer, Whatsapp, Google Drive, Slack,
Share links with stakeholders,
send files via tools, search files on premises, over emails
Brieft Digital Assets:
All Stakeholder Access
Project Planning
Trello, Gantt chart, Monday, Asana
Manual update status of each project, task, timeline and stakeholder.
Automated Status Updates,
Tasks, Gantt charts + Timelines
Email, Docusign, meetings, phone calls, PDF
Multiple client managers to
co-ordinate, offline, over email.
One Click Approvals
for every Stakeholder
Stakeholder Management
Slack, Email, Meetings,
Dedicated resource client team to manual update project tools, timelines and repriorisation
Client Project Chat
Whole Campaign Oversight
Historical Data on Every Decision
Costly and timely Post-Mortems that often aren't performed when needed
Every Task, Activity + Update - Tracked per User
Artwork Feedback Collaboration
PDF, Email, Figma, Print
Documents printed, marked up in Adobe, sent over email, offline handover and briefed into creative
Each Stakeholder A-Synch
Mark-up in Real Time.
Artwork Version Control
Internal servers, Google Drive, Email management,
Artwork is carefully named and saved in studio folder structure to ensure each version is tracked
Artwork is
Automatically Tracked
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Brieft Can Save a Small Studio on Average $130,000 P/A.
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